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So here we talk about anything that touches technical issues of Anomaly Warzone Earth for your PC and / or Mac computer and consoles (X360, PS3) as well. Please ask for technical support here.


Postby davy_agten » Tue Jun 25, 2024 8:21 pm

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BioSolvetIT infiniSee v5.01
PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite
Lixoft monolix Suite 2023 R1
HTRI Xchanger Suite v9.0
BIOVIA Materials Studio 2022
safran risk V21.1
Geneious Prime 2023
ANSYS Lumerical suite 2023 R1
ANSYS Zemax OpticStudio 2023 R1.00
ANSYS Zemax OpticBuilder 2023 R1.00 (x64) for Creo 4.0-7.0
BioSolvetIT infiniSee v4.3.0
PVsyst 7.3.1
RSoft Component Suite 2021
Palisade DecisionTools Suite Industrial 8.2.2
LISREL Commercial
Geneious Prime 2022.1
Valentin PVSOL premium 2023
OptiLayer v14
Lixoft monolix Suite 2021 R2
ChemOffice Suite
WAsP Suite 2022
Vpi photonics analyzer 11.3
Vpi transmission maker 11.1
DNV Synergee gas V4.9.4
Crosslight PICS3D 2021
FRED 19.4 Photon Engineering
PVsyst v7.2.21 Build 28030
Zemax Opticstudio 2022 r2.01
AnyBody Modeling System v7.4.2
FlexSim Enterprise 2022.2.2
Phoenix winnonlin 8.3.4
FlexSim 2022 v22.2
Materialise Mimics 25
FlexSim 2020
Stoner Pipeline Simulator(SPS) v10.7
LightTools v2022
CODE V 2022.3
Leica Infinity 4.0
Esko ArtiosCAD 22.03
ZMT Sim4Life 7.0
Optiwave OptiSystem 19.0
Crosslight PICS3D 2020
Leica Infinity 3.6.1
AFT XSTREAM V1.0.1101 BUILD 2021.06.15
Mimics Innovation Suite 24
Primavera P6 Pro 21.12
PVsyst Professional 7.2.11
Sigmadyne SigFit 2020 R1g
ESI PipelineStudio v5.2
ASAP NextGen 2021 V2
Applied Flow Technology xStream v1.0.1107
Diffsys v5.1
Applied Flow Technology Fathom v11.0.1123
Applied Flow Technology xStream v1.0.1101
Applied Flow Technology Impulse v8.0.1119
Zemax Opticstudio v21.3
Primavera P6 R20
Leica Infinity 3.6
BIOVIA Materials Studio 2020
pymol 2.5
PVsyst 7.2.5 Pro
Snowden Supervisor 8.14.3
Valentin PVSOL premium 2021 R8
VirutalLab FUSION V2020.2
ASAP NextGen 2021 V1
Leica Infinity 3.5
Optiwave OptiSystem 18.0
Valentin PVSOL premium 2021 R6
AnyBody Modeling System v7.3.3
SoundCheck 17.2
CadnaA 3.72
LightTools 9.1
CODE V 11.5
PVSOL premium 2021R5
CrystalMaker 10.60
Geneious Prime 2021.1
PVsyst Professional 7.2.0
Hydromantis GPS-X v8.0.1
Sigmadyne SigFit 2020R1e
PVsyst Professional 7.1.8
Valentin PVSOL premium 2021R3
DNASTAR Lasergene 17.1.1
Materialise Magics RP 24
Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 23.0.2
Arena Simulation 15.10
Zemax Opticstudio v20.3.2
Oslo Premium 2020
VirutalLab FUSION 7.6
Optiwave OptiSystem 17.1
RSoft Component Suite 2020
PHAWorks RA Edition 7.19
PHDWin 2.10.6
WAsP Suite 2020
ASAP 2020 Next Generation v1
Leica Infinity 3.4
ANSYS Lumerical 2020 R2.2
VirutalLab FUSION 7.4
Lindo What'sBest! v17
Snowden Supervisor 2020 v8.13.1.1
ANSYS Lumerical 2020 R2.1
PVSOL premium 2020 R8
ANSYS SPEOS 2020 R2 for Siemens NX Series,
CODE V 11.4
LightTools 9.0
Optiwave OptiSystem 17
Materialise 3-matic 15
Geomagic Design X 2020
Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 15.2.1
Leica Infinity
AFT Fathom 11.0.1103
Applied Flow Technology Impulse 7.0.1122
Lumerical Suite 2020
OpticStudio 19.8
LightTools 8.7
Mimics Innovation Suite 22
Materialise 3-matic 14
RSoft Component suite 2018.12
Mentor Graphics Tessent 2023.1
Synopsys Lib Compiler vT-2022.03
Synopsys Starrc vT-2022.03
PSS SINCAL Platform 19.5
Proteus Professional v8.16 SP3
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2023 v23.10.000
DownStream CAM350 v15.0
Altium Designer 23.9.2 Build 47
EPLAN Pro Panel 2024.0.3
EPLAN Harness proD 2024.0.3
EPLAN Electric P8 2024.0.3
Keysight N7800A Test Management Environment 2023
Cadence Xcelium v23.03.004_Xcelium Logic Simulator
Mentor Calibre 2023.2 (16.9) Linux
Ansys Electronics 2022 R2 Linux64
Altium Designer 23.8.1 Build 32
PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2024
PSSE V35.5_transmission planning and analysis
Plexim PLECS Standalone 4.7.5
Cadence Xcelium Logic Simulator 23.03.002
Zuken E3.series 2023 Build 24
PathWave EM Design (EMPro) 2023 Update 0.1
Cadence SSV Release Version 20.17.000
Zuken CADSTAR 2021
Altium Designer 23.6.0 Build 18
Plexim PLECS Standalone 4.7.4
Pango Microsystems Pango Design Suite 2022.2
Cadence STRATUS v22.02.003 Update
cadence midas safety 2023.3
CST Studio Suite 2023 SP4
Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD 2022
Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2023.1
Xilinx Vitis Core Development Kit 2023.1
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v22.10.004 Hotfix
VisualCAM 16.9.142
Cadence LITMUS v23.10.100
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 9.32.2
Plexim Plecs Standalone v4.7.3
ARM Development Studio 2023
SYNOPSYS RTL architect 2022.12
synopsys Verdi 2022.06
Synopsys TetraMax 2022.03
cymcap v8.1
XGSLab 10
EMTP-RV 4.2.1
PLS-CADD 17.22
EasyPower v11.0.0.8035
Cadence HDLICE 21.07
Mentor Graphics Precision 2023.1
Synopsys Identify 2022.09
Synopsys SpyGlass 2022.06
Synopsys Sentaurus 2022.12
Synopsys VCS 2022.06
Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) 2022.03 sp5
Cadence Celsius EC Solver 2023.1
windpro v3.6.366
Plexim Plecs Standalone v4.7.2
Keysight EP-Scan 2023
CoventorMP v2.1
Altium Designer 23.3.1 Build 30
NI-DAQmx 2023 Q1
NI Circuit Design Suite 14.3
ARM Development Studio v2022.2
Synopsys Fpga vT-2022.09 SP1 for linux
zuken E3 series 2022 SP2
NI LabVIEW 2023 Q1
Altium Designer 23.2.1 Build 34
Keysight PathWave RF Synthesis Genesys 2023
Keysight SystemVue 2023
PathWave Advanced Design System 2023.1
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v22.10.002
Altium Designer 23.1.1 Build 15
Cadence Joules RTL Power Solution 21.16.000-ISR6 Hotfix
CST Studio 2023 sp2
EPLAN Fluid v2023.0.3.19351
EPLAN Pro Panel v2023.0.3.19351
EPLAN Harness proD v2023.0.0.257
EPLAN Preplanning v2023.0.3.19351
IAR Embedded Workbench For ARM v9.30.1
NI FlexLogger 2022 Q4 Patch 1
Cadence MODUS v22.10
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v22.10.001
Altium Designer 23.0.1 Build 38
DS SIMULIA Antenna Magus Professional 2023.0 v13.0.0
Cadence Spectre v21.10
Cadence IC 06.18.280
Cadence GENUS v21.10
Cadence Xcelium v22.09.002
Mician uWave Wizard 2022 v9.1
NI AWR Design Environment 17
Synopsys Hspice vT-2022.06
Polar instruments speedstack 2022
Crosslight APSYS 2021
Mentor Graphics powerpro 2022.1
Comsol Multiphysics 6.1
Altium Designer 22.11.1
EPLAN Platform 2023 with Modules
Proteus Professional 8.15 SP1
Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2022.2
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 2022
Altium Designer 22.10.1 Build 41
Jmag designer 21
PSS SINCAL Platform 18.5
Altium Designer 22.9.1
NI-DAQmx 2022 Q3
Cadence Virtuoso, Release Version ICADVM 20.1 ISR19 (20.10.190) Hotfix
Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2022.1.1
Keysight VNA Series Network Analyzer A.15.20.05
Mentor calibre aoj 2022.2
PCB Footprint Expert 2022.02
Sigrity Suite 2022.10.200
Zuken E3 series 2021 SP2 v22.20
Kesight Network Analyzer 2022
ARM Development Studio 2022.1 Gold Edition
DipTrace 4.3
Cadence INNOVUS v21.10
EPLAN Electric P8 2022 SP1 Suite (x64)
CST STUDIO SUITE 2022.05 SP5 Update
PSCAD 5.0.1
ANSYS Electronics Suite 2022 R2
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v17.40.030 Hotfix
Ucamx 2021
RFIC Test Software 21.5
DownStream CAM350 14.6
IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm version 9.30.1
DS SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2022 SP4
Altium Designer 22.6.1 Build 34
Plexim Plecs Standalone v4.6.6
SKM Power Tools V10
Altium Designer 22.5.1
Synopsys TetraMax 2021.06 SP1
Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) 2021.06
Synopsys STARRC 2021 for linux
synopsys Verdi 2020.12 sp1
PLS-CADD v16.2
Keil MDK5 Software Packs DFP Build 20221505
JMAG-Designer v20
TICRA Tools 20
Siemens PADS Standard Plus VX.2.11
NI AWR Design Environment 16.02R
PathWave EM Design (EmPro) 2022
PrimeSim HSPICE S-2021.09
BOSfluids 6.1
Mentor Graphics Catapult Synthesis 2021.1
DIgSILENT PowerFactory 2022
Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX 2.11
IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm version 9.20.4
Mentor Graphics Calibre 2021.1
Sonnet Suite Pro v18.52
ARM Development Studio 2021.2
Coventor SEMulator3D v9.3
Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2022.1
CAM350 DFMStream v14.6 BluePrint-PCB v6.6
EPLAN Electric P8 2022 Build 0.3.321
Aldec ALINT-PRO 2021.09
IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm version 9.20.1
ARM Development Studio 2021
EMTPWorks v4.2.1
Altium Designer 22.1.2 Build 22
Keysight SystemVue 2022
Keysight IC-CAP 2022.1
Altium Designer 22.0.2 Build 36
Genesis 2000 v11.0 Frontline for win_linux
Ansys Electronics Suite 2022 R1
Mentor Graphics HDL Designer Series (HDS) 2021.1
EPLAN Electric P8 2022
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.024-2019 Hotfix
DownStream Products 2021 (14.6.1848)
Altium Designer 21.9.2 Build 33
Antenna Magus Professional 2022.1 v12.1.0
Altium Designer 21.9.1 Build 22
Frontline Genesis 2000 v10.9 for win_linux
Antenna Magus Professional 2021.5
Proteus Professional 8.13
DipTrace v4.2
Mentor Graphics HyperLynx VX.2.10
Mentor Graphics PADS Professional VX.2.10
Keysight IC-CAP 2020 Update 2.1 for linux
Mentor Graphics Questasim v2021.2.1
Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX 2.10
Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) 2020 Update 1.1 Linux
Synopsys Custom WaveView vS-2021.09
Altium Designer v21.7.1
Cadsoft Envisioneer Construction Suite 15.0.C3.2496
Keysight BenchVue 2020
Keil MDK-ARM v5.36
CAM350 v14.5
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.021
Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.8
CoventorWare 11.0
Synopsys Hspice 2021.09
Cadence Innovus-ISR1 v21.11
Synopsys Euclide 2020.12 SP1 linux
Mentor.Graphics AMSV 2021.1 linux
Synopsys Embedit vQ-2020.03 SP1
Synopsys VCS vQ-2020.03 SP2
PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2022
Cadence GENUS v20.10
Cadence Xcelium v20.09.009
Synopsys Coretools vR-2020.12 SP4
Synopsys Testmax vR-2020.09 SP3
ANSYS Apache RedHawk 2021 R1.1
PCSCHEMATIC Automation v20.0.3.54
Integrand EMX With Virtuoso Interface 6.4 linux
Altium Designer 21.6.4
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78 version 4.21.2
Keysight PathWave Signal Generation 2021
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.020
Mentor Graphics Tessent 2021.2 for linux
AWR Design Environment with Analyst 16.0
Altium Designer 21.6.1
cadence INNOVUS20.1
Mentor Questa Formal 2021.1
Snopsys Saber 2020.03
Synopsys STARRC 2020.09 for linux
Synopsys Synplify FPGA 2020 for linux
Snopsys PrimeTime 2020.09 for linux
Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) vP-2020.09 SP6 for linux
IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 v3.11.4
Ticra tools v19.0
Altium Designer 21.5.1
JMAG Designer V20
Silvaco TCAD 2020
Pulsonix 11.0
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v9.10.2
Altium Designer 21.4.1
Altium Designer 20.2.8
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021 v17.40.018-2019 Hotfix
NI FlexLogger 2021 R2
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78 version 4.21.1
Keysight Wave Creator M9099
Mentor Graphics Precision 2020.2
Remcom XGtd 3.1.2
EPLAN Fluid 2.9 SP1 Update 5
Siemens Simatic PCS 7.5 version 9.1
Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2021.1.10.100 Hotfix
CST Studio Suite 2021.03 SP3
IAR Embedded Workbench for Microchip AVR version 7.30.4
Antenna Magus 2021.2
PSSE V34.5_Power_Transmission_System
IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 v10.40.1
CYME v9.0 Rev 04
PSS SINCAL Platform 16.5
Genesis_2000_v10.8 For win&Linux
Mician uWave Wizard 2020 v9.0.0.142
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v9.10.1
Mentor Graphics Questasim 2021.1
Cadence Spectre v20.10
Altium Designer 21.2.1
EPLAN Pro Panel 2.9 SP1 Update 5
Pulsonix 10.5 build 7883
Altium Designer 21.1.0
Cadence ICADVM 20 for Linux
Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2021.1
NI LabVIEW 2020 SP1 v20.1.0
Synopsys FPGA P-2019.03-SP1
Xilinx Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions 2020.2
HOMER Pro 3.14.2
CST Studio Suite 2021 SP1
Altair FluxMotor 2020.1
ANSYS Electronics Suite 2021 R1
NI FlexLogger 2021 R1
Remcom XGTD 2019
Mentor Graphics ModelSIM 2020.4
IAR Embedded Workbench for Microchip AVR v7.30.3
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 8.50.9
NI TestStand 2020 v20
Mentor.Graphics.Calibre.2020.3.16.11 for Linux
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX v4.20.1
Mentor Graphics Xpedition v2.8
Altium Designer 21.0.3
Siemens Simatic PCS 7 v9.0 SP3
Keysight MQA 2020.1
Keysight ADS 2021
Proteus v8.10 SP3
Altium Designer 20.2.4
NI FlexLogger 2020 R4
CST STUDIO SUITE 2020.07 SP7 Update
Altium Designer 20.2.3 Build 150
Cadence Design Systems Sigrity v19.00.003-2019 Hotfix
Altair FluxMotor 2020
Antenna Magus Professional 2020.4
Altair PollEx 2020
Mentor Graphics QuestaSim 2020.1
Altium Designer 20.1.12
Mentor Graphics PADS VX2.7 Update 1
ANSYS Electronics Suite 2020
Mician uwave Wizard v9.0
GerberX 8.2
AWR Design Environment with Analyst 15
Mentor Calibre 2020.2
Antenna Magus Professional 2020.3 v10.3.0 x64
Synopsys SpyGlass vP-2019.06 SP1
Cadence Jaspergold v20.03
Cadence Conformal v19.20
Snopsys VCS vP-2019.06
Keysight MQA 2020
Keysight Model Builder (MBP) 2020
Keysight IC-CAP 2020.2
Keysight Genesys 2020
Keysight EMPro 2020.1
Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) 2020.2
Altium Designer 20.0.14
Cadence Design Systems Sigrity v19.00.001-2019 Hotfix
Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX 2.7
Mentor Graphics PADS Standard Plus VX.2.6 Update 4
Zuken E3.series 2019 SP1
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.005-2019 Hotfix
Genesis_2000_v10.7 For win&Linux
Mentor Graphics FloTHERM XT 2019.3
Mentor Graphics Simcenter FloTHERM 2019.2
NI VeriStand 2019 R3 f1
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.20.000-2016 HF064 Update
Mentor Tanner Tools 2020
Altium Designer 20.0.12
cadence Stratus 17.15
Cadence GENUS 17.2
Cadence Conformal v19.1 linux
mentor modelsim 2019.2
mentor Qustasim 2019.2
Synopsys STARRC vO-2018.06
Silvaco TCAD 2019 linux
MagneForce 5.0
Mentor Graphics HyperLynx VX.2.6
incam 4.3.228
SIMetrix SIMPLIS v8.30
Keysight Advanced Design System ADS 2020.1.1
Synopsys Design Compiler 2019.03 SP3
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.002-2019 Hotfix
ANSYS Products 2020 R1
ANSYS Electronics Suite 2020 R1
ADINA System 9.5.4
Advanced Logic Technology WellCAD.5.5 Build.427
AFT Arrow.9.0.1109 build.2022.05.11
AFT Impulse.9.0.1102 build.2022.05.11
Agilent Keysight InfiniiVision.3000A X Series
Akcelik SIDRA Intersection.2022.
Aldec Active HDL.13.0.375.8320
Altair Activate.2022.3.0
Altair Compose.2022.3.0
Altair EDEM Professional.2022.3.0
Altair Embed.2022.3.0
Altair FEKO.2022.3.0
Altair Flow Simulator.2023.0
Altair Flux FluxMotor.2022.3.0 with PDF Documentations
Altair HWDesktop with Solvers.2023.0
Altair HyperWorks Desktop.2022.3.1
Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers.2022.3.0
Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers.2022.0.1
Altair Inspire.2022.3.1
Altair Inspire Cast.2022.3.0
Altair Inspire Extrude.2022.3.0
Altair Inspire Form.2022.3.0
Altair Inspire Mold.2022.3.0
Altair Inspire PolyFoam.2022.3.1
Altair Inspire Render.2022.3.0
Altair Inspire Studio.2022.3.0
Altair Inspire Studio Render.2022.2.1
Altair PollEx.2023.0
Altair PSIM.2023.0
Altair SimLab.2022.3.1
Altair SimSolid.2022.3.1
Altair Simulation.2022.2.0
Altium Concord Pro.2022 version.5.0.2
Altium Designer.
Altium NEXUS.5.8.2 Build.18
Altium On Prem Enterprise Server.
AMIQ DVT Eclipise IDE.2022.22.1.16
Animate preview.2023.9b.22.43
ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit ANSYS ACT rev.01062022
ANSYS Discovery Ultimate.2023 R1
ANSYS Electronics Suite.2023 R1
ANSYS Forming.2023 R1
ANSYS GRANTA EduPack.2023 R1
ANSYS GRANTA Selector.2023 R1
ANSYS Lumerical.2023 R1
ANSYS Motor CAD.2023 R1.1
ANSYS Products.2023 R1
Ansys RedHawk SC.2022 R1.2
Ansys SCADE.2023 R1
ANSYS SpaceClaim.2023 R1
ANSYS Zemax OpticStudio OpticsBuilder.2023 R1.00
Applied Flow Technology Arrow.10.0.1100
Applied Flow Technology Fathom.13.0.1100.0
Applied Imagery Quick Terrain Modeler.
Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System GMS.10.7.6
Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System WMS.11.2.5
ARM Development Studio.2023.0
Arqcom CAD Earth.8.0.3
aspenONE Engineering Suite V14
AspenTech Subsurface Science and Engineering SSE.2023. Linux
Autodes Inventor Nastran.2023.3
Autodesk.3ds Max.2024.1
Autodesk Advance Steel.2023.0.1
Autodesk Alias AutoStudio.2023.1.1
Autodesk Alias Products.2024.0
Autodesk AutoCAD.2024 with Offline Help
Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture.2024 with Offline Help
Autodesk AutoCAD Civil.3D.2023.2 with Extensions
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical.2024 with Offline Help
Autodesk AutoCAD LT.2024.1.1
Autodesk AutoCAD Map.3D.2024 with Offline Help
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical.2024.0.1
Autodesk AutoCAD MEP.2024
Autodesk AutoCAD Plant.3D.2024.1.1
Autodesk CAMplete TruePath.2024.1.1
Autodesk CFD.2024.0.1
Autodesk Civil.3D.2024.2
Autodesk Factory Design Utilities.2023.1 with Tutorials
Autodesk FeatureCAM.2024 with Offline Help
Autodesk Flame.2024.0.2
Autodesk FormIt Pro.2023.1.0
Autodesk Grading Optimization for Civil.3D.2023.1
Autodesk InfoDrainage.2024.2
Autodesk Infraworks.2023.1.2
Autodesk Inventor.2023.4 with Updated Extension
Autodesk Inventor Nastran.2024.2
Autodesk Inventor Professional.2024.2
Autodesk Maya.2024 Linux
Autodesk Maya Creative.2024.1
Autodesk MEP Fabrication Suite.2023.0.1
Autodesk Moldflow.2023.2
Autodesk MotionBuilder.2024
Autodesk Mudbox.2024
Autodesk Navisworks.2024.1
Autodesk Netfabb.2024 with Examples files
Autodesk Point Layout.2024 R1
Autodesk PowerInspect.2024 with Offline Help
Autodesk PowerMill.2024 with Offline Help
Autodesk PowerShape.2024.0.1
Autodesk ReCap Pro.2024.1.0
Autodesk Revit.2024.2 with Updated Extensions
Autodesk Structural Bridge Design.2024.1.1
Autodesk Vault Products.2024.2
Autodesk VRED Pro.2024.1 with Assets
AutoForm Assembly R11.0.0.4
AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition.2023.
AVEVA BI Gateway Analystics Client.2022.3.1
AVEVA Dynamic Simulation Suite.2022
AVEVA INPLANT Fluid Flow Design.2022
AVEVA PIPEPHASE Pipeline Network Design.2021
AVEVA PRO II Simulation.2023
AVL Simulation Suite.2023 R1
Azure DevOps.2022 RC2
Bella Render GUI.22.6.0
BETA CAE Systems.24.0.0
BioSolveIT infiniSee.5.1.0
BioSolveIT SeeSAR.12.1.0 Linux
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio.18.6.2
Blue Marble Geographic Calculator.2023 Build.1183
Bondware Poser Pro.13.0.296 with Content
Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL.2023.
Cadcorp SIS.2023.9.1
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD.2022 HF1.22.10.001
Cadence Celsius EC Solver.2023.1 HF1
Cadence Cerebrus.
Cadence Design Systems Fidelity Pointwise.2022.2 hofix.2
Cadence Genus Synthesis Solution.21.17.000 ISR7
Cadence HELIUM version.
Cadence Indago AGILE.
Cadence INDAGO Main.
Cadence INNOVUS version.21.10.000 Base
Cadence Joules RTL Power Solution.21.16.000 ISR6 Hotfix
Cadence LITMUS.23.10.100
Cadence Midas Safety.2023.
Cadence MIDAS version.
Cadence Modus DFT Software Solution.
Cadence MVS.
Cadence Numeca OMNIS.5.2
Cadence PCB Allegro and OrCAD.2022 HF2.22.10.002
Cadence PEGASUS.
Cadence Perspec System Verifier.23.03.001
Cadence PPC.
Cadence PVS.
Cadence QUANTUS.
Cadence Sigrity.2019 HF005 Linux
Cadence Sigrity.3D EM.2019 HF001 Linux
Cadence Sigrity and Systems Analysis.2022.1 HF005 Linux
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD.2022 HF1.22.10.001 Linux
Cadence Spectre.21.1 ISR5.21.10.303
Cadence SPECTRE.23.10.063
Cadence SSV Release Version.22.11.100
Cadence Stratus High Level Synthesis version.
Cadence Virtuoso Release Version CADVM.20.10.000
Cadence Virtuoso Release Version IC6.1.8 ISR32
Cadence Virtuoso Release Version ICADVM.20.1 ISR19
Cadence Virtuoso Studio IC23.10.000
Cadence vManager.
Cadence XCELIUM version.23.03.002
CAMWorks.2023 SP3
CAMWorks ShopFloor.2023 SP3
CAMWorks WireEDM Pro.2023 SP0
Carlson Civil Suite.2023
Carlson Precision.3D Topo.2023.81058
Ce A S s r l ParatiePlus.23.0.3
CFTurbo.2022 R2.4.88
ChangeVision Astah Professional.9.1
CHCNAV Geomatics Office.2023.
Chemical Computing Group MOE Molecular Operating Environment.2022.02
Cimatron.2024 SP1.0100.1927.437
CIMCO Edit.2023.23.01.16
CIMCO Edit.8.12.51
CIMsystem Pyramis.2022.
Civil Survey Solutions Civil Site Design.24.0
Civil Survey Solutions Stringer Topo.24.0
Cliosoft SOS.7.05 p9
Comsol Multiphysics.6.1.282
ContextCapture Center CONNECT Edition.2023.
CONVERGE Studio.3.2
Coreform Cubit.2023.8.0
CSI Bridge.
CSI ETABS version.
CSI Perform3D.
CSI SAFE version.
CSI SAP2000.
CSiXCAD version.19.2.0
CST Studio Suite.2023 SP4
Dassault Systemes Dymola.2023
DATAKIT CrossManager.2023.3
Descartes CONNECT Edition Update.17.2
DevExpress VCL Subscription.22.2.3
DIAdem.2023 Q2
Dlubal Software.2023 rev.23012023
DownStream Products.2023.2053
DraftSight Enterprise Plus.2024 SP0
DS CATIA Composer R2023 HF3
DS CATIA P3 V5.6R2020 V5R30 SP6 HF8
EcoStruxure Control Expert V15
Ekahau AI Pro.11.4.0
Embarcadero Delphi.11.2 Lite.17.2
Embarcadero RAD Studio. Athens
EMME CONNECT Edition.2023.
EMX Expert Moldbase Extentions. for Creo.10.0.2
EPLAN Electric P8.2024.0.3.21408
EPLAN Harness proD.2024.0.3.21408
EPLAN Platform.2023 with Modules
EPLAN ProPanel.2024.0.3.21408
ESI FOAM X.2022.0
ESI NOVA.2022.0
ESI ProCAST Solvers.2022.0
ESI VA ONE.2023.0
ESI Visual Environment.18.0
ESRI ArcGIS Pro.3.0 patch. with Content
ESSS Rocky DEM.2023 R2.
Exakom PLUTO Live Web Report.3.65
Feldmann Weynand COP Pro.3.0.2
FIFTY2 PreonLab.5.3.0
Flite Software Piping Systems Fluid Flow.3.52
FTI FormingSuite.2022.0.0.34003.0
FunctionBay Multi Body Dynamics for ANSYS.2022 R1
FunctionBay RecurDyn.2023 BN10106
Geomagic Design X.2022.0.0 fixed release
Geometric DFMPro. for NX2212 NX2306 Series
Geometric Glovius Pro.
Geometric NestingWorks.2023 SP0
GEO SLOPE GeoStudio.2023.1.1.829
Geotic Products.2023
Golaem Crowd.8.2.3
Golden Software Grapher.22.1.333
Golden Software Surfer.26.1.216
GoldSim V14 R2.412
Gowin EDA.1.9.9 Beta.3
Gowin EDA FPGA Designer.1.9.9 Beta.6
Graitec Advance Design.2023
Graitec Gest.2024.0.02
Graitec Master Suite.2023.5
Graitec TrepCAD.2022.22.0.315.0
Graitec Tricalc.2024.0.2
GRAPHISOFT Archicad.27.3001
G Web Development Software.2022 Q3
Halliburton Landmark Engineers Desktop EDT.17.1.100
Hexagon CABINET VISION.2023.2
Hexagon GeoMedia Suite.2022.
Hexagon MSC Digimat CAE Moldex3D.2023.1
Hexagon MSC Easy5.2023.1
Hexagon Vero AlphaCAM Designer.2021.1.2049
Hexagon Vero Edgecam.2023.1.2339 Update
Hexagon Vero VISI.2022.1.0
Hexagon Vero WorkNC.2022.1.2228
HTRI Xchanger Suite.9.0.0
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version.9.40.1 with Examples
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78 version.4.21.4
IBM SPSS Statistics.27.0.1 IF027
iMachining.2022.2023.03.20 for NX Series
InnovMetric PolyWorks Metrology Suite.2022 IR6.1
InventorCAM.2023 SP1
IRONCAD Design Collaboration Suite.2023 PU1
iTwin Analytical Synchronizer.2023.
iTwin Capture Analysis.2023.
iTwin Capture Modeler CONNECT Edition.2023.
Keil MDK ARM.5.38a
Keysight VNA Series Network Analyzer A.15.75.19
KISSsoft.2022 SP5
KlauPPK Post Processing.1.19
Leica CalMaster.3.2
Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX.2022.0.1.8165
Leica Hexagon GeoCompressor.2022.
Leica Hexagon GeoMoS Monitor.8.1.1 SP1
Leica Hexagon HxMap.4.1.0 with Tutorials
Leica Hexagon MissionPro.12.9.0
LumenRT Pro CONNECT Edition Update.17
Luxion KeyShot Pro. macOs
Maplesoft Maple Flow.2023.2
Maplesoft Maple MapleSim.2023.1 with Extensions
Maplesoft MapleSim.2023.2
Mastercam.2023 Update.
Materialise Magics.27.0
MathWorks MATLAB R2023b
Maxon Cinema.4D.2024.1.0
Maxsurf CONNECT Edition.2023.
Mecway FEA.17.0
Mentor Calibre.2023.2.16.9
Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.13
Mestrelab Research Mnova.14.3.3
MicroStation CONNECT Edition.2023.
midas MeshFree.2023 R1
midas NFX.2023 R1
Mobatec Modeller.4.15192
Moment of Inspiration V4.12.22.2022
MOSES CONNECT Edition.2023.
Movicon NExT.2023.4.2.355
Multiframe CONNECT Edition.2023.
Multiverse.7.1.0 for Autodesk Maya
Nemetschek Allplan.2024.0.0 with CDS Bausoftware Add Ons
Nemetschek Vectorworks.2023 with Content
Netcad GIS.2023.
NextLimit Realflow Cinema.4D.
NI AWR Design Environment.22.1.17559
NI DAQmx.2023 Q1
NI DIAdem.2022 Q4.22.8.0
NI FlexLogger.2022 Q4 Patch.1
NI LabVIEW.2023 Q3
NI SLSC.2022 Q4
NI SystemLink.2022 Q1 Patch2
NI TestStand.2021 SP1
NI VeriStand.2023 Q1
NI Visa.2022 Q3
NI XNET.2023 Q1
Ocean Data Systems Dream Report.5.0 R20.3
Oikema Engineering woodLAB.24.06
Omron Sysmac Studio.1.50 Update
OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition.2022 Release.2
OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update.10.1
OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update.4.2
OpenCities Map Advanced.2023.
OpenCities Map Advanced CONNECT Edition Update.17
OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition Update.
OpenCities Map Ultimate.2023.
OpenFlows CivilStorm CONNECT Edition Update.4
OpenFlows HAMMER.2023.
OpenFlows HAMMER CONNECT Edition Update.
OpenFlows SewerCAD CONNECT Edition Update.4
OpenFlows SewerGEMS CONNECT Edition Update.4
OpenFlows StormCAD CONNECT Edition Update.4
OpenFlows WaterCAD.2023.
OpenFlows WaterCAD CONNECT Edition Update.
OpenFlows WaterGEMS.2023.
OpenFlows WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition Update.
OpenPlant Isometrics Manager CONNECT Edition Update.11
OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update.11
OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update.11
OpenRail ConceptStation CONNECT Edition Update.16
OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition.2022 R3 Update.12
OpenRoads ConceptStation CONNECT Edition Update.16
OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition.2022 R3 Update.12
OpenSite Designer CONNECT Edition.2022 R3 Update.12
OpenText Exceed TurboX.12.0.4
OpenTunnel Designer CONNECT Edition.2022 R2 Update.12
OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition Update.15
O Pitblast.1.5.93
Orbit.3DM Content Manager CONNECT Edition V23 Update.1
Orbit.3DM Manage and Extract CONNECT Edition V23 Update.
Orica SHOTPlus Suite.2023
Pango Design Suite.2022.2 RC3
Parallel Graphics Cortona3D RapidAuthor.14.0.1
PathWave Advanced Design System ADS.2024 Update.0.1
PathWave Electrical Performance Scan EP Scan.2023
PathWave EM Design EMPro.2023 Update.0.1
PathWave System Design SystemVue.2023 Update.0.1
PCB Footprint Expert.23.13
PCI Geomatica Banff.2020 SP2
PDX Progressive Die Extentions. for Creo.4.0 x.10.0 x
Peregrine Labs Yeti.4.1.7 for Autodesk Maya
PeregrineLabs Yeti.4.2.11
PIPE FLO Advatage.18.1
Pixologic ZBrush.2023.2
PLAXIS.2D.3D CONNECT Edition V22 Update.2
PLAXIS LE CONNECT Edition V21 Update.7
Key to Steel v2005
Keynetix HoleBASE SI
Keynetix KeyAGS Professional v4.4.4.50
KeyShot 4.2.35
Keyshot 9 Luxion KeyShot Pro 9.3.14
keyshot Network Rendering (x64)
Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) 2023.1.2
Keysight Agilent GoldenGate 2020.0 Linux64
Keysight Genesys 2022 Win64
Keysight GoldenGate 2020 Linux64
Keysight IC-CAP 2020.2 x64
Keysight Model Builder Program (MBP) 2020.1
Keysight Model Quality Assurance (MQA) 2020.1
Keysight PathWave EM Design (EmPro) 2022
Keysight PathWave RF Synthesis Genesys 2023 x64
Keysight Physical Layer Test System(PLTS) 2021
Keysight VEE Pro 9.0
Keysight WaferPro Xpress 2020.1
Killetsoft NT v2 Creator 1.10
Killetsoft NT v2 Tools v1.14
Killetsoft NTv2Poly 3.03
Killetsoft TRANSDAT Professional 24.01
KineMAP Digital MAP Software 5.0
Kinetics v2.1 R10129 (x64)
kinetix 2022.1
Kintecus v3.90
KISSsoft 2022 SP4 (x64)
Kiwa Irene Pro v4.6.3.0
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 17.6.0
klocwork 2020.3
Klokan MapTiler Plus v10.0.24
KLS Backup 2022 CC Pro / Professional 2023
KLseis II 1DVD
KML2KML 3.0.20 build 06.21.12
KMS Matrix 6.1
KMS office2021 win10/win11
KMSAuto Pro Net(windows11/office2021
KND SailingPerformance Suite 2021.5
Kodak Preps 9.5.0 Build 148
Kodak Prinergy 9.0.2
Kofax OmniPage Ultimate 19.2
Kolor Autopano Giga 4.4 Win/Mac
KOMPAS-3D v20.0.1
Kongsberg LedaFlow Engineering v2.6.260.024
KONGSBERG Multiflash 6.2
Korf 3.1
Korf Hydraulics 3.5
Kubotek KeyCreator Direct CAD 13.5.0 x64
kubrix 15.05 x64
KUKA Sim 4.3
KULI v9 build 1857
KVS Mesh2Surface v6.1.6 for Rhinoceros v6-7
KY PIPE 2022 v10.009
LabVIEW 2020 FPGA Compilation Tool
Lakes CALRoads View 6.5
Lakes Environmental AERMOD View 8.9.0
Lakes Environmental ARTM View 1.4.2
Lakes Environmental AUSTAL View 8.6.0
Lambda TracePro Expert 7.4.3
Land Pro 9.1.1 (x64)
landmark 5000.10
Landmark Aries 2000.0
Landmark CasingSeat 17.1
Landmark COMPASS 17.1
landmark DecisionSpace DSD 5000.10.03 5000.10.04 linux
Landmark DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep.4.05
Landmark DecisionSpace Petrophysics 10ep5.5
Landmark DicisionSpace R5000.0.3
Landmark DIMS Data Analyzer 2003.0.1
Landmark DrillModel 2000.0
Landmark Drillworks
landmark DSD Geoprobe 5000.8.3 5000.10 windows linux
Landmark DSG 10ep5
Landmark EDM R5000
landmark EDT 5000.17.2 2023
Landmark Engineer's Desktop (EDT) 17.1.100 Build 5000.17.0
landMark GeoGraphix Discovery 2022
Landmark GVERSE GeoGraphix 2022.1 build 21669 x64
Landmark Netool 10.6.0
Landmark Nexus VIP Desktop 2020 5000.4.14
landmark openworks 5000.8.3 linux64
LandMark ProMax 5000.10
Landmark Promax seisspace 5000.11.0.1
Landmark r5000.10 Linux
Landmark StressCheck 17.1
Landmark Well Cost 17.1
Landmark WELLCAT 17.1
Landmark WELLPLAN 17.1

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